Do you need standard operating procedures?

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If you think standard operating procedures are only for agencies, you are missing out.

Even if you are the only one in your business, there are advantages to employing SOPs (standard operating procedures).

SOPs help create a standardized process, and standardized processes help you stand out and build trust with your client.

I create SOPs for all actions I complete regularly in my business. Two weeks ago I talked about creating systems in your business. This is the first step in identifying the need for an SOP.

There are two items I make sure all my SOPs have.

1. Steps to re-create

This means in each SOP I have a step by step walkthrough to complete it.

For example, I have an SOP for creating 301 redirects in Webflow. This process is technical, but it’s worth it to document the steps so I can do them correct every time.

This process lays out each step in detail, and usually includes the software required.

2. Video walkthrough

This isn’t mandatory, but a huge benefit if you have the time. I use Loom for this and always record a video walkthrough.

It’s as simple as completing the steps I have written out and adding any commentary that may be beneficial.

I like the video walkthrough because you can see exactly what’s going on and nothing gets missed.

Note: I tend to only watch the video walkthrough if I haven’t done it in awhile and don’t want to read the steps.

How I do this

I use Notion for this. I have a Docs section in my Notion where I have an SOP category.

I always include: last updated date, Loom video walkthrough, detailed steps.

I have this saved as my SOP template and it’s easy to create a new one and start filling it out.

This system has been working well for me and I know it can work well for you too.

Don’t think SOPs only apply to agencies or teams.

It would surprise you how often I refer to them and they help keep my process consistent.

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