Don't underestimate the power of systems

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Today, we are going to talk about why and how to get started using systems in your business.

You shouldn't go into every project hoping for the right outcome. You control the situation, and to ensure quality, you need to have a plan in place.

Here are some reasons having a system in place can benefit you.

  • They build trust in the eye of your client
  • They create a repeatable process
  • They keep you organized, ensuring nothing gets missed
  • Easier to outsource work

While creating systems are important, don't try and do this without real world experience. When I was starting my business I tried to anticipate every scenario.

What would I do if the client said X or wanted Y? Trying to predict what's going to happen will only cause frustration.

Have a general plan in place, but you will learn 10x more from doing projects with real clients.

Ask yourself, how many times have I done this same task?

The need for systems should happen naturally. They arrive from spotting habits in your work. Over time you will start to realize, I've done this task before. When you have that realization, stop what your doing and take note.

Before you create systems in your business you need to document it.

This is always the first step. Once you have documented the task you find yourself repeating, it's time to determine if there is a way to create a system from it.

Note: Not everything you document will become a system. Some tasks need a personal touch.

If you have determined you could create a system from this, it's time to ask—what kind of system?

Some examples of efficient systems.

  • Email templates
  • Code snippets
  • Project status updates
  • Scheduling links
  • Automations

Remember, creating systems in your business takes time. Don't try and do this all at once. Over time you will see patterns and the goal it to be able to spot them.

I have been documenting and spotting systems in my business from day one and I am always paying attention to whether I can systemize something.

I hope this was helpful and gives you the tools to start creating systems in your own business.

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