📨 What leveraging email marketing can do for your business

published8 months ago
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Email marketing can help you build true fans of your business, not only buyers of your products.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to email marketing. They set up an account with a provider and start blasting out emails.

In reality, this will turn people away from your business. The goal is to be a constant reminder for your target audience of who you are and why you exist.

Today, you will learn 3 common mistakes people make with email marketing.

Mistake #1: 💰 Trying to sell too early

This is the biggest mistake I see.

Email marketing is playing the long game. You don’t want to get people on your list and start pitching to them. You have to show them what’s in it for them. Continually show up with value and your subscribers will appreciate it.

Only until you provide value, can you sell what you have to offer.

Mistake #2: ⚙️ Not being consistent

Consistency helps set you apart.

Think of it this way—you being in your ideal customer’s inbox is a reminder that you exist. When the time comes for them to buy, you will be top of mind. This is what being consistent does. It always keeps you top of mind for your audience. This is why email marketing is so powerful. As your list grows, this only becomes more important. Eventually you will have inbound leads from people seeing you in their inbox.

I suggest sending out a weekly newsletter—like this one! If that’s too much, twice a month can work too. Anything less than that is not enough to stay top of mind.

Mistake #3: 👎 Off topic emails

Once you have determined the frequency of sending, you want to stay on topic with each newsletter.

If one week you are talking about your coaching services, and then about your hobby of photography the next—you will lose people. If you are selling a product/service, you want to make sure the topic is consistent. This doesn’t mean to make your newsletters boring, but keep all your content around a central theme.

Sticking to one topic ensures your visitors always know what you do.

🔑 Summary

The goal of email marketing is to nurture an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. Don’t take them giving you their email lightly. Be respectful, and always offer value.

To recap:

  • Don't try to sell too early
  • Be consistent
  • Always talk about a central theme

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