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🔥 Why you need to be giving value away for free

published2 months ago
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When I first started marketing my business, I was afraid of giving away my best ideas.

I had this misconception that I needed to reserve my best content, ideas, and methods for customers who would pay me. This created a larger barrier to working with me, and made it difficult for customers to buy into me.

Once I eradicated this mindset, my marketing started gaining traction.

💸 Give away your best stuff for free

You are creating a barrier between you and your customer when you hide all your good stuff behind a paywall.

Why would customers want to buy your paid services, if your free stuff stinks? Your free value is like a trailer for a movie. If your trailer is garbage, no one is going to watch your movie. You might be losing great customers because they see no value in what you have to offer.

Conversely, if you start giving away your best stuff, you get your customer to buy in from the beginning. First impressions are everything, and leaving a good first impression will make it much more likely that they will want to work with you.

Here are 2 ways to start giving away real value for free and build loyal fans of your business.

Long-form content on social media

This is your time to shine. Long form content on social media is where you show your prospects what you have to offer.

If you can’t post these as often, that’s fine. When you do though, make sure it hits home. Your long-form content needs to meet 3 criteria: 1. Easy to read 2. Has a great hook 3. Jam packed with value

If you read your long-form content, and it doesn’t do this. Start over. You must do these for your content to resonate with your audience.

Lead magnets are a game changers

Lead magnets are anything your user downloads from your website. This might be a PDF guide, a checklist, or even an email course.

Don’t skimp on value here. These are much bigger pieces of content and should show off your expertise in your industry. Spend a lot of time crafting these to provide actionable value to your ideal customer.

🔑 Summary

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Open up the vault and give people your best ideas. In the end, they will be begging you to take their money and execute.

To recap:
- Give away your best stuff for free
- Do this using long-form content on social media
- Lead magnets are game changers